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This wiki farm is largely related to the former chronicle and will be supplanted in time. Information on these wikis may refer to the old chronicle and no longer be relevant. The Reset Wiki is the temporary wiki for the new chronicle.

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New Chronicle Addenda

See the Reset Wiki for new chronicle addenda.

Old Chronicle Addenda

Use the approvals instructions for making approval applications. Archived copies of the addenda are available.


Wiki copies

PDF copies

2013-04-30 Universal Addendum
Archived Universal Addenda


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PDF copies

Awakening Addendum

2011-04-26 Cryptopoly Addendum

2011-04-26 Athenaeum Addendum

2012-04-20 Arcane XP Addendum

Archived Awakening Addenda


Wiki copies

PDF copies

2009-05-13 Created Addendum Created Addendum PDF 13 May 2009
Archived Created Addenda


Wiki copies

PDF copies

2014-03-19 Forsaken Addendum

Contraceptive Clarification

Fetish Creation Document

Archived Forsaken Addenda


Wiki copies

PDF copies

2012-08-19 Lost Addenda

2013-11-18 Lost Addenda - Approval Levels

2012-08-19 Lost Addenda - Hedgespinning

2012-08-19 Lost Addenda - Hedgespun Automata

2012-08-19 Lost Addenda - FAQ

2012-08-19 Lost Addenda - Pledges

Archived Lost Addenda


Wiki copies

PDF copies

2009-05-20 Mortals Addendum Mortals Addendum PDF 20 May 2009 (Link not working)
Archived Mortals Addenda


Wiki copies

PDF copies

Requiem Addendum

Appendix - Protean Forms

Appendix - Custom Mechanics

Appendix - Cult of Mirthas

Appendix - Cult of the Loa

Appendix - Cult of the Moirai

Appendix - Followers of Seth

Appendix - The Moulding Room

Appendix - Merges Sorcery

2011-11-07 Appendix - Protean Forms

2012-11-14 Cult of Mirthas appendix

2012-11-14 Cult of the Loa appendix

2012-11-14 Cult of the Moirai appendix

2012-11-14 Followers of Seth appendix

2012-11-14 The Moulding Room appendix

Archived Requiem Addenda


Wiki copies

PDF copies

2011-04-05 Sin-Eater Addendum
Archived Sin-Eater Addenda