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You can find questions you can use to write your approval application below. The questions are a guideline and may not all be relevant. It is usually a good idea to cover as many of the questions as you find are relevant to your approval in your application.

Once you've written your approval, you can submit it at the approvals database.

For examples of how to write approvals, please see the examples page.

Approval Application Form

Approval Item:

Player Name:

Membership Number:

Character Name:



ST & Email:


1. Please write a brief description of the item in your own words.

2. Is this item part of a new character or an addition to an existing character?

3. Please comment on the effects of this item, including its overall impact on the chronicle. Could this item cause problems for a Storyteller or be detrimental to the themes of the venue? If so, suggest some possible solutions to these problems.


4. What most motivates your character to interact with other characters? What fears, joys, or other emotions drive him or her? What are his or her goals? What is your character willing to die for? What inspires your character?

5. How does your character interact with the mundane world? (If your character possesses any supernatural qualities, please describe how he or she avoids undue attention from ordinary people.)


6. What faction or group (Covenant/Clan, Path/Order, Seeming/Court, Auspice/Tribe etc.) does your character most feel a part of? Why that group? How does their relationship to the group affect his or her dealings with other groups he or she is a part of? (For example, if lineage is most important, how does this impact his/her views of clan and covenant?)


Items such as Age, Court, Lodge or other aspects integral to a character’s identity or background.

7. What draws you to this concept in particular?

8. How is your character typical of this group of characters? How is he or she similar to or different from other characters with the same approval item?

9. How did your character acquire this approval item? If the approval involves membership in a group, how did he or she become a member?


Items such as Fetishes, Tokens, Imbued Items, or Artefacts.

10. How is your character acquiring or creating this item?

11. Why does your character want this item, if applicable? If your character does not want this item, please explain why he or she is accepting, developing, or otherwise acquiring it.


12. Featured Games of the Month represent exceptional events as well as opportunities for Storytellers and players to ‘sell’ their games to interested players. Please describe how your proposed Featured Game will do this.


13. "I agree that the ability to utilise this approval item is a privilege and not a right. I understand that a storyteller may revoke the approval if I as a player abuse this privilege. I also understand that I may be denied this approval in order to maintain game balance, to maintain the item’s rarity, or to conform to the style of the campaign. If the item is removed from play, I understand that I may request a justification from the NST."

Lost Questions


  1. What does being in the court mean to you? What was the first event to bring you to the Court’s attention, and how did you show them that the Court was where you truly belonged?
  2. In what ways do you embody the ideals of the Court? What do you do to fulfill the remit of the Court?
  3. Each Court is far more than just its primary emotion or guiding principle. What other areas of the Court do you explore or promote?
  4. As an embodiment of the Court how do you promote the Court to others? Are you involved in any of the Courts rituals or holidays? Have you created, participated in, or hosted any of them?
  5. Finally, a question slightly unrelated to your relationship with your Court: How do you manifest the physical effects of your Mantle?

Mage Questions

For Mage approvals, please use the following questions instead (unless you are feeling verbose and wish to submit the above as well):

"For all of these, I'm not looking for artistic essays on the nature of roleplaying. I'm looking for honest answers that tell the storytelling chain what you're interested in doing with the application, and that you've considered how it might fit into the game."
—Rob Collins, aNST Awakening

  1. Theme & Canon - How does your application fit within the established Mage the Awakening themes and how does it relate to canon? Not fitting is not always a cause for a denial, but please be honest!
  2. Balance - How does this application fit within your perception of the local and national power level?
  3. Fun Factor - How does this application make your game, the game of those around you, and the game your ST is running more fun and interesting?
  4. Responsibility - Do you feel there are any special catches you have to look out for when playing a character with this application that wouldn't apply if you didn't have it, and how do you intend to cover those?
  5. Background & Play - How has your character interacted with the application in the past & how will (or have, in the case of applications to approve your character for play under the new addenda) you interact with the application in play?

Gnosis Questions

These questions should be answered if you are applying for high Gnosis (7 or above per current addendum), in addition to the questions above.

Gnosis Questions:

(If any of these questions are answered elsewhere in your approval, do not answer them. There is no need to repeat yourself. Each question does not require an essay, short answers are perfectly acceptable.)

  1. How old is this character, how long have they been Awakened, are they on a Legacy?
  2. How has the character gone about developing his greater understanding of the supernal truths represented by Gnosis? What learning exercises have they undergone?
  3. Does your character regularly undertake journeys into the Inner Realms (Astral Space)? If so, please describe (loosely) some of the characters journeys.
  4. Does your character seek out the ruins and lessons of Atlantis, or do they seek new lessons, and how do they do so?
  5. What attitude does your character take to the development and casting of Awakened magic, do they regularly improvise spells imago or use rotes? How many rotes do they possess?
  6. How do you feel the level of Gnosis you are applying for on this character fits with the established themes surrounding Awakened Magic in the setting?
  7. How do you intend to portray the characters increased Supernal Enlightenment? How will this benefit the roleplaying experiences of yourself and others?
  8. What elements of your character sheet alter to become more effective with the level of Gnosis you are applying for, and how do you or the character intend to use the new power? How do you feel the level of power will affect other characters in the game?
  9. Are you purchasing any of this Gnosis with Arcane Experience, if so, how much?