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These are projects that the NST/ANSTs/NC/ANCs would like some help with. If you would like to help, then please email the relevant person at the address given.

When adding a job, please specify if it's an Assistant role (and thus counting towards position cap), or an ad-hoc volunteer role in the title.

NST Team NC Team Wiki Team

NST Team Classifieds

NST Classifieds

Ben Rhodes

Job 1

Job 2

Awakening Classifieds

Rob Collins

Setting Review

I am looking to undertake a national review of the Awakening venue setting from a bottom-up perspective, and require a motivated, out going individual with good analysis skills to lead the review. Applicants should have a strong knowledge of the existing canon setting material, as well as a good understanding of the current UK setting material. The main focus of the role will be on gathering information and analyzing the strengths and flaws of the existing UK Setting Material, as well as developing solutions to allow us to incorporate existing canon material that it is felt will enhance the chronicle.

Assistant Storyteller: South

I require someone with good people skills to act as a supervising storyteller for a number of the southern games, and to liaise with their storytellers and myself to promote the Awakening venue. This individual should have a reasonable time and financial budget to enable them to visit a reasonable number of games every quarter.

Created Classifieds


Job 1

Job 2

Forsaken Classifieds


Job 1

Job 2

Lost Classifieds

Jez Poppenbeck

Volunteer: Tale Crafting Review Team

Looking to create a Team of people to look at and put forward suggestions for Tale Crafting to see if it could be be changed or reworked to make it suitable/viable for the Venue.

Mortals Team Classifieds

Mortals ST Team

Job 1

Job 2

Requiem Classifieds

Matt Hope

Volunteer: Creation of historical documents

This job can be done by a number of people and at a variety of different skill levels.

On the highly skilled side I could do with people with a good grasp of history and the venue setting to work up some historical source documents written by various kindred on a variety of different kindred historical events.

On a middling level I could do with people with a good grasp of the venue and how to successfully play the game to create a series of historical documents on how to be a good courtier, how to do boons well, how to be a good harpy, sheriff, prince etc. possibly sprinkled with some "historical" examples (or stuff made up perhaps using NPCs people know of) Or alternatively tracts on the set up of a Crone coven, who they worshiped and what prayers etc. were used Old sermons of the sanctified, lessons on the meaning of set passages of the Testament or indeed possible additional passages or alternately worded passages Old treaties of the dragons on how X works, what they found where, notes from meetings long past, notes on experiments, theories on transcendence etc.

On the low end I could do with some basic stuff like the requiem diaries of insert random name here.

Basically I'd like a whole bunch of interesting documents all of which could serve as talking points about something, which would show the history of the chronicle and which might act as good guides for new players or old players alike.

If you can make such as good props of old stuff as well even better but mostly I'd like a whole bunch of churned out texts that might be found in some old hoarder's library.

Volunteer: Requiem Events team

Basically for this one I require a bunch of people who'd be happy to turn up to events (from multi-venue events to the requiem weekender) and be prepared to NPC for me for that event (preferably the whole event but in the case of events where we have multiple game slots of requiem then I'm happy for folks to say they can do X number of slots)

I also require folks who're happy to run plots at the events and be in the know - mostly I'd be wanting Requiem VSTs or old Requiem VSTs for this, but I'm happy with other folk who are trustworthy and able.

Lastly folks who can act as on the spot rules call STs for events, but otherwise play their own characters.

At the moment this isn't for any event in particular but rather setting up a pool of people I know I can then draw upon to assist me if required.

ANST Vigil Classifieds

Tim Edwards

Volunteer: NPC Creation

Creation of significant numbers of Vigil NPCs, of all Tiers, both Cells and individuals. Please contact for details of what is required rather than just creating NPCs you like the look of, as they may not suit what I'm looking for.

aNST Admin Classifieds

Hannah Fordham

Job 1

Job 2

aNST DPOTM Classifieds

Emma Tugwell

Database Creation

  • We need someone to build a database from our completed surveys that is easily accessible and can provide information about what is happening (plot kit wise) in different countries and people (well PCs) that have links to them - just for starters!

Job 2

aNST Rules Classifieds

Liam Draper

Job 1

Job 2

NC Team

NC Classifieds

Steve Clapton

Job 1

Job 2

ANC Member Services Classifieds

Allison Holloway

Job 1

Job 2

ANC Events Classifieds

Beka Pink

Job 1

Job 2

ANC Recruitment and Retention Classifieds

[mailto: fionasusanshaw@gmail.com Fiona Shaw]

Job 1

Job 2

ANC Conventions Classifieds

[mailto: unknown]

Job 1

Job 2

Wiki Team Classifieds

Generic Wiki Classifieds


Volunteer: Template Instructions

There are various template across the wikis that should have instructions on their use coded into their pages, much like has been done for this page and this one.

The main culprits here are the PCSummary templates on each wiki. Help with this is appreciated, and significant help will garner recommendations for prestige to the ANC Member Resources.

Volunteer: Category Pages

There are various category pages across all the wikis which need descriptive text adding to them. Full (and automatically updated) lists can be found here:

Any help is appreciated, and significant help will garner recommendations for prestige to the ANC Member Resources.

Volunteer: Categorising member pages

Mostly because it annoys me.

Adding [[Category:Member]] to all members user pages.

Requiem Wiki Classifieds


Forsaken Wiki Classifieds


Volunteer: CamUK Forsaken Wiki Content

The CamUK website had a significant amount of content about the Forsaken genre on it. That information can be found here.

It needs transferred to the new Forsaken wiki and re-formatted/modified as appropriate. Use the same page names, but links to pages need to be added, and other formatting issues may arise.

Help with this is appreciated, and significant help will garner recommendations for prestige to the ANST Forsaken.

Volunteer: Forsaken Wiki Categories and Links

The Forsaken wiki now has a large amount of content which needs going over with a fine-toothed comb to find links to pages that should exist, links to potential pages that should exist and to add categories as appropriate.

Help with this greatly appreciated. Significant help will garner prestige recommendations.

Awakening Wiki Classifieds


Volunteer: Who's Who Page

  1. Reorganising the Who's Who page to use Dynamic Lists in place of a player-generated list.
  2. Reorganising category redirects to point at the right point of the page.
i.e. Category:Adamantine Arrow Status 4 points at Who's Who#Adamantine Arrow or possibly even the direct link to the appropriate heading, but that's more difficult to arrange.

Created Wiki Classifieds

Lost Wiki Classifieds


Kith Pages & Categories

Kith pages should redirect to the category of the same name. i.e. #redirect [[:Category:Minstrel]]

Kith categories should be categorised as both their relevant seeming and as a kith. i.e. [[Category:Kith]] [[Category:Fairest]]

Any aid in sorting this out will earn prestige. Contact Yoda.