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Conduct Policy

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Conduct Policy

Members of most organisations, in return for the benefits that they receive by belonging to that organisation, are expected to act as responsible members within that organisation. This is true of the nations in which we live, the companies for which we work, and the schools that we attend. In this, the Isles of Darkness is no different. The basic tenet of the conduct policy then is that we should all treat every other member of the society in the way we would like them to treat us, that is as polite, sensible adults.

The Conduct policy is intended to outline the standards that members of the Isles of Darkness are expected to uphold in order to retain the privileges of membership. Failure to abide by these guidelines may result in suspension or revocation of your membership in the Isles of Darkness, restrictions to positions you may hold within the club, or loss of earned prestige points.

In an ideal world, Isles of Darkness members would strive to act with respect for themselves, each other and their communities at all times, resolving problems rather than creating them, and showing care and responsibility for those around them. While we recognise that no member is able to maintain such lofty goals at all times, it should be every member’s intent to strive for this level of excellence at all times.

If a member has violated a legal statute, enforcement of the statute takes precedence. The Isles of Darkness does not condone violations of law and will cooperate fully with any investigations made by legal authorities. The Conduct policy should not be used as a substitute for legal action or criminal prosecution, but it may be applied in addition to such action.

1. Statement of Intent and Principles

  1. This conduct policy applies at all Isles of Darkness events, whether it be an in-character or out-of-character event and to all Isles of Darkness controlled communication Channels (including E-Mail and IRC). It also applies to communications made in pursuance or as a result of the business of the society. It does not apply to members when they are engaged in no IoD events or communications on non IoD controlled media.
  2. Failure to comply with the Conduct policy may result in the suspension or cancellation of your membership.
  4. Members are expected to be courteous and cordial, to solve problems and not create them. Where possible to compliment others and to be constructive in criticism at all times.
  5. If someone is upset or asks you to desist from behaviour that is distressing to them, please respect that. We are creative people and can find ways to express ourselves that do not cause distress to other members.
  6. Members should remember that the point of the society is to have fun and also should help others to have fun wherever possible.
  7. Members are discouraged from playing their persona at any out-of-character event as this could offend other members, not to mention causing confusion to passers by.

2. General Rules for Members

  1. Members will be honest in their dealings with others and information submitted to the organisation.
  2. Members will not, in reality (i.e. OOC), threaten or harass other members or, if at events, members of the public.
  3. Members will be courteous and respectful to other members, and not spread false or derogatory information about other members.
  4. Members will play, and talk about play, with discretion and will not by action or word, bring the society into disrepute.
  5. Respect the rules laid down by the owners and managers of the places in which we play. Actions which cause us to be unable to book a game venue in future may result in disciplinary action.
  6. Members will not hold the Isles of Darkness or any officer in their official capacity, liable for personal loss or injury whilst attending events.
  7. Emotions often run high in the midst of role-playing, and it is every member’s responsibility to stop before play gets out of hand and to indicate if they are concerned or upset by IC events or occurrences.
  8. Any contact from Press or other Media should be referred to the National Coordinator or appointed deputy.

3. Rules for Attending Events

  1. Members may not carry any item that may be mistaken for a dangerous weapon while participating in a Sanctioned Isles of Darkness event.
  2. No items which must touch another person to be effective can be used. Nor should any prop be used in such a way that it might be mistaken for an assault by a passer by.
  3. Phys-rep weapons that cannot be mistaken for dangerous weapons can be brought to events with the approval of the supervising Coordinator as long as the event is being held in a place that is not directly open to, or visible by members of the public. Phys-reps for firearms must comply with the legislation regarding replica firearms in the UK – that is they must clearly be non-functional weapons and marked as appropriate, if the supervising Coordinator is in any doubt if a prop weapon meets these requirements then they should disallow the prop.
  4. When an ST, AST, or any member calls for a time out all action must immediately cease.
  5. Any member may call a time out for safety reasons.
  6. Members will not cause or participate in any illegal activity whilst participating in a Isles of Darkness event.
  7. Members will not participate in Isles of Darkness events whilst under the influence of illegal drugs or whilst drunk. Any member that is considered to be unable to exercise the required level of judgement because of the amount they have drunk at a game, in the opinion of the presiding ST or Coordinator, must be timed out by the ST and may be asked to leave by the supervising Coordinator.
    1. Officers that are on duty at an IoD event must not drink to the point where they are unable to carry out their duties at the game and may face disciplinary sanctions from their supervising officer if they are reported as such. Officers are encouraged to abstain from drinking when undertaking their duties at IoD events.
  8. Isles of Darkness is a non-contact system and as such does not allow physical contact between players. Reasonable physical contact (such as handshaking) is allowed but if any person involved feels uncomfortable with the situation all physical contact should be stopped at once.
  9. Members may not drink blood or discuss the drinking of blood in reality whilst participating in a Isles of Darkness event.
  10. Members shall conduct themselves at events in a safe and orderly manner. Any In Character actions which could cause danger, damage property or cause alarm should be described rather than performed.

4. Rules for Conduct over Email & IRC

  1. Members are expected to obey normal internet etiquette (netiquette) at all times.
  2. Members must comply with instructions from Moderators and Ops and with the published rules for the channel/list at all times (where such rules exist).