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Isles of Darkness...

Welcome to the Isles of Darkness, a modern-horror live-action roleplaying group based in the UK. We run games across the country in an interconnected shared chronicle.

What does that mean?

That means that if you're in Edinburgh and you fancy heading down to London for a game, all you need to do is tell them you're coming - you can play your character in any game within the IoD. It also means that what happens in one game can affect what others. If your vampire starts a cult, someone else's mage might hear about it. If your werewolf starts a riot, then the changelings in the next city might find out soon. See the notes on the shared chronicle for more information.

What's this live-action stuff?

Live-action roleplaying (or LARP) is a form of gaming where instead of talking about what your character does, you dress up like them and act it out. It's a bit like freeform theatre - you decide what you're going to do, then do it!

What's roleplaying?

We like to call it "let's pretend" for adults. You remember when you were a kid, you'd play "cops and robbers" with your friends? Well, instead of playing cops or robbers, we pretend to be vampires, werewolves, mages, changelings, people brought back from the dead, and more. The way we do this is we make a character - we give them a name, a job, decide what they're good at - and then we bring them to life by playing them; just about anything is possible!

Where do I start?

First, find your nearest domain. Then, you can check out their page on the wiki, and find out who to contact. A list of all the officers is available, and you can find email details there.

Once you've found your local domain, you can start talking with your local storytellers about making characters.

If you don't have a domain close to you, you can always start one yourself, or you can play on IRC in the Online domain. The advantage of playing online is you don't need costume!


Importantly, the whole point is to have fun - so get in touch, get involved, and get ready for some of the best times of your life!

Wiki Information

This wiki has most of the out-of-character information you'll need. The other wikis (links in the sidebar and the table below) cover the information for the games themselves (IC information, character bios, etc).

Important pages

Character Creation
A guide to creating characters
Rules Addenda
Changes to rules, custom mechanics, etc
Information on submitting approvals
Character Sheets
Auto-calc spreadsheets for characters
NST Messages
Where to find out who's in charge of what
A guide to what games are played where
A rough guide to when games are
An explanation of terms you'll see
Email Lists
A listing of all the email lists
IRC Information
How to connect, basic commands, etc
Member Resources
Downloads, guides, information
The Rift
Lost Property

Upcoming Events

Find out about upcoming events on the dedicated events page.

New Features

The wiki now has a Photos page where you can add links to your photo albums from events to share them with the society at large.

IoD General Wiki

This wiki is for OOC stuff. user pages, domain pages, game dates, general rules, anything that's not IC. If it's general enough to cover several genres, put it here.

Please note: At this time, do not add data to pages about factions (orders, covenants, etc), PC types (path, clan, etc), or sub-groupings (legacies, bloodlines, etc) that is either: A) copied from the books or B) copied from cam-wiki.org (which is mostly copied from books). Until we get clarification on fair use of WW text, it runs the risk of this site being shut down.


The Wikis

Isles of Darkness Wikis
General user pages, addenda, information, events, etc DPotM The Dark Places on the Map wiki
Requiem Vampire: the Requiem pages Forsaken Werewolf: the Forsaken pages
Awakening Mage: the Awakening pages Lost Changeling: the Lost pages
Created Promethean: the Created pages Mortals Mortals pages
Geist Geist: the Sin-Eaters pages Troupe Garou, Hunter and other troupe game pages
Dark Ages Dark Ages pages Verse VerseRPG pages
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