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From Isles of Darkness
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The following page is an alphabetical list of in-character organisations run by various PCs and NPCs in the Isles of Darkness chronicle, which for one reason or another your characters may have heard of. Each description contains details on which Genres will have most likely have heard of the business, and in which genre it's owners are.

Information detailed on this page should be non-genre-specific and generally be information freely available to anyone looking for it.

As they exist in separate continuities, Mortals and Sin-Eater have their own sections. Please update where appropriate.

See also: Fame.

Main Continuity


Ahriman Industries

An Umbrella Organisation that has acquired small CCTV, External and Internal Security, Secure Data storage and destruction services as well as a number of other services and brought them together under a single name. In late 2011 Ahriman Industries acquired its Head Offices; The Marconi Building (Chelmsford). The CEO and founder of A.I, the reclusive Jason Codis is a young entrepreneur who is still rapidly expanding the corporation, with a number of local councils giving contracts to A.I outsourcing building security wholesale to A.I.

As of Summer 2012 Ahriman Industries are rumoured to be looking into expansion to Cambridge as well as Reading and Croydon.

The Black Horse

The Black Horse is an independent Free House in Brixton. It's a local's pub, with a strong community of regulars. They have a darts team, a pool team, and a pub quiz every Sunday evening. It serves well-kept real ale and real cider, along with various snacks and sandwiches, and stays open till 3am every night. The landlady is a bright young woman by the name of Eliza Chance, who runs a tight ship and mostly hires barmaids whose previous professions are rumoured to have been somewhat dubious. None of them have ever stolen from her. She is a bit of a night owl, and most of the pub's daytime business is conducted by a pleasant middle-aged Scottish manageress.

It hit the London local news around Christmas 2010, when a rich eccentric who apparently took a shine to the proprietress paid to have it moved brick by brick across the river from Tower Hamlets and rebuilt in its current location.

For OOC details, please contact the VST for Southwark Requiem.

Blaggett & Roon

International insolvency and repossession company based in the Bedfordshire area. Milton Keynes Requiem

The Fiddler's Rest Hotel

Owned by the thin and bony form of Garth Taylor, this small hotel in Inverness seems plagued by perpetual bad luck. The current owner is the third in as many years...

The Four Crowns

A small, out of the way pub in Cambridge, known by locals for the quality of its food and its guest ales, but off the tourist path.

For details, please contact the VST for Cambridge Lost.


G-TECH are Cambridge's (possibly Britain's) premier alternative energy company, who get into the newspapers for their cutting edge technology as much as they do for their playboy Managing Director's antics. Formerly based out of Norwich, they moved into Dolphin House in the Cambridge Science park in 2009, and are now working worldwide on a number of projects.

People of note within the company: Managing Director Patrick Petersson, [Fame (Business) 1]
Technical Director Colin Vietti, [Fame (Engineering Design) 1]
Health and Safety Director Hestor Greenace, [Fame (Green Technologies) 1]
Research Director Theodore Rabinowitz, [Fame (Physics) 1]
New Business Director, Amber Kingfisher, [Fame (Business) 1]
and surprisingly, PR Director Janos Caligari [Fame (TV) 3, Fame (Music) 2]
and his fiancee, the Occupational Health Consultant Ruby White [Fame (Janos Caligari's missus) 1].

Please contact the Cambridge Awakening ST for more information on the company, or you can reach Patrick Petersson at This address.

Libran Gold Exchange

Libran Gold Exchange is a chain of Pawnbrokerages. They loan money on jewellery and other valuables. They also recently got into 'pay day advance' and other forms of short term loans.

Libran Gold Exchange is a PC-owned business in the Requiem Venue. PCs who want to do business, especially those with Street, Criminal, Business or Police Allies, Contacts or Status, can contact either the IC owner Libran Gold Exchange or Manchester VST Requiem for further info.

Mactire Imports

Mactire Imports is an Import/Export business based out of Scotland. It has been in existence for the past hundred years trading all over the world. The business has been held in Docherty family hands for all the time it has been in existence and has various offices around.

Mactire Imports is a business run in the Forsaken Venue, but could possibly be used by any. For information or to contact the business, please contact Edinburgh Forsaken.

Obsidian Computers

Obsidian Computers has been called the British Microsoft, trading in many different types of software (mostly custom built for their clients). Certainly, it has gone from strength to strength since its creation in late 2004. It's enigmatic founder (and sole owner) Patrick Noble has been described as charismatic, shallow, and the best mind in business to have been seen in London in our life times.

It has successfully navigated the bursting of the dot-com bubble, and has moved onto greater things with the recent announcement that they are looking to expand into the M4 technology corridor. Noble, known for keeping his bold and sweeping decisions a closely guarded secret, hasn't given anything away yet, but sources in the City are all certain that whatever he does next is likely to be just as successful as his previous ventures.

Obsidian Computers is an organisation run by a member of the Awakening Genre, but is large enough to have been heard of in all Genres. For OOC details or contact please contact the VST for London Awakening. The character Patrick Noble has the following relevant merits: Fame 1, Fame (Socialite) 2, and Fame (Business) 3.

Poppy Hotel Management

Poppy Hotel Management is a reasonable new company that has sprung up in Milton Keynes. It started when its elusive owner bought the Juries Inn. Since that day, they have caused all of the hotels in Milton Keynes to form a conglomerate. For information please contact Milton Keynes Requiem


A small company that runs the city-wide CCTV of Milton Keynes, they got the contract despite being completely unheard of. Rumors say that the hotel conglomerate are behind this. For information please contact Milton Keynes Requiem

The Sit Down

This is a small cafe-cum-club (odd as that sounds) in Southend. Its popularity has waxed and waned; partly due to recession, and partly due to tragedy - its previous owner died. Currently, however, a pretty and friendly (if slightly inept) young woman is running it, and business is beginning to pick up again.

Some members of the serving staff can be a bit strange, but others clearly know what they are doing.

For OOC details, please contact the VST for Essex Lost.

Swordsman's Return Hotel

The Tollbooth Tavern

Zodiac LLC

Zodiac is made up of a number of nightclubs, pubs, high class spas, gentleman clubs and hotels based in London and the south-east– with each nightclub venue named after an animal in the Chinese zodiac. The nightclubs often have live music which showcases up and coming new talent. Based out of Saunderton in Buckinghamshire. Its rapid growth since 2006 has been attributed to the appointment of its managing director Kathleen Lyphon.


The Williams Foundation

The foundation, which champions empowerment, was established in June 2010, in honour of the late Sam Williams, a well known figure in the music industry.

While the foundation has national scope, its activities are primarily focused in Edinburgh, Essex and Hertfordshire. The organisation is the brain-child of its patron, Kieran Bryce, a rising star in the art world.

Political Parties


A political party in South London, who made an excellent showing in the 2012 London Assembly Elections, coming fifth after the Greens and accumulating 5.4% of the vote in Lambeth & Southwark, the only Constituency they stood in. For information please contact Southwark Requiem

Other Organisations

Mortals Continuity

Sin-Eater Continuity


The Bound Tome

The Bound Tome is an occult bookshop in Portsmouth. It's one of those poky like places that you keep finding more bits of every time you go round a stack of books, and which doesn't seem to fit into the space given from the outside. Books cover every surface, piled on tables, on the sides of the staircases, on shelves that go all the way to the ceiling, and all packed in where ever they'll fit. The front couple of rooms are 'popular' books, and it's only once you brave winding your way through the labyrinthine shelves that you can find the more esoteric volumes.

The owner is one of those strange, anti-social, grey-haired (and, in this case, young) men who you wonder how they every make a sale. If you are a Sin-Eater, he will be more pleasant and actually be helpful.